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Nice: The war of religion continues

nizza-463x278July 19, 2016 (Rorate Caeli) — Pope Francis was right when he said more than a year ago that “a third world war was already in progress”, fought “bit by bit”, but it’s necessary to add that it’s a war of religion, given that the motives are religious by those who have declared it, and even the homicides perpetrated in its name are ritualistic. leggi tutto

Haec Sancta (1415): A conciliar document condemned by the Church

(Roberto de Mattei, Rorate Caeli, 20 july 2016)

The Council of Constance (1414-1418) is numbered among the 21 Councils of the Church, but one of its decrees, Haec Sancta of April 6th 1415 is considered heretical, as it asserts the supremacy of the Council over the Roman Pontiff. leggi tutto

When all of Europe was excommunicated

There was a time when all of Christian Europe found itself excommunicated, without there being any heretic. It all began on March 27th 1378, fourteen months after Pope Gregory XI  had returned to Rome from Avignon to die.  At the conclave, which took place in the Vatican for the first time in 75 years, sixteen cardinals participated, of the twenty three then present in Christendom. Of these, the great majority were French. This was a result of the long period in Avignon. leggi tutto