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Earthquakes of a spiritual nature are graver

Los terremotos más graves son de índole espiritual

During the Angelus of August 28th Pope Francis announced that he would go to visit the earthquake victims in Lazio, Umbria and delle Marche “as soon as possible”, to bring them in person “the comfort of the faith, a fatherly and brotherly embrace and the support of Christian hope.” leggi tutto

De Mattei: “Legitimate defense may also be a grave duty for those responsible for the lives of others”

padre-Jacques-Hamel( The first martyr in European territory at the hands of Islam, Father Jacques Hamel, was murdered while celebrating Holy Mass on July 26th in the parish church of Saint-Etienne-du-Rouvray, Normandy. Two Muslims praising Islam, burst into the church, and after taking some of the faithful hostage, cut the priest’s throat, at the same time critically wounding another faithful present. leggi tutto

Imams in church: A grave offence against faith and reason

El primer mártir del Islam en Europa (Roberto de Mattei, Rorate Caeli, 03 august 2016)

The President of the Italian Episcopal Conference, Angelo Bagnasco criticized those Catholics who were disconcerted and in many cases indignant at the invitation made to Muslims to pray in Italian churches on Sunday 31st July: “Really, I don’t understand the reason – he said – there doesn’t seem to me to be any real reason.” In his view, the adhesion of thousands of Muslims to pray at the altar would be “an expression of condemnation and absolute disassociation on the part of those – Muslims, but not only – who are unaccepting of any form of violence.”   leggi tutto