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Holy Week 2019: The Church is Burning

(Roberto de Mattei, Rorate Caeli, 17 april 2019)
Why did the fire of Notre Dame Cathedral generate such enormous shock all over the world? Because apart from the intrinsic value of the monument, Notre Dame is a symbol. It was written everywhere: a symbol of Christianity, a symbol of Western conscience, a symbol of a collective cultural patrimony, a symbol of European identity, a symbol of French national history.

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De Mattei on the Francis Pontificate: Six Years of ‘Hypocrisy and Lies’

(Roberto de Mattei, One Peter Five, 04 april 2019)

OnePeterFive is pleased to present this exclusive interview of Professor Roberto De Mattei, President of the Lepanto Foundation, with Italian journalist Aldo Maria Valli – one of the Italian journalists who helped publish the Vigano testimony in August 2018. As he usual, Professor de Mattei offers frank and thought-provoking insight and analysis. leggi tutto

The Red Terrorist Cesare Battisti and his protectors

(Roberto de Mattei,, 27 march 2019)

The “red” terrorist, Cesare Battisti, interrogated in Oristano prison by the Public Minister of Milan, Alberto Nobili, has “admitted all the charges, namely, the four murders, two of which he was the perpetrator.” This was announced by the Public Prosecutor of Milan, Francesco Greco at a press conference. leggi tutto