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The ‘Assisted Suicide’ of the Church and Society

(Roberto de Mattei, Rorate Caeli, 21 august 2019)

All attention in Italy at the moment is focussed on the political crisis. Yet there is another much graver and vaster crisis, which constitutes the background for the political crisis: the religious and moral crisis of the West. The political crisis is visible; it enters our homes through the mass-media and even a distracted eye or ear perceives it. The religious and moral crisis can be perceived only by those who have a developed, spiritual sensitivity. Those immersed in the materialism of modern life, have a refined capacity in appreciating the pleasures of the senses, but are spiritually darkened, if not completely blinded. The religious and moral crisis is a crisis that happens when man loses sight of his ultimate end and the criteria that must guide his actions. A society that is immersed in agnosticism, dissolves and dies. leggi tutto

The John Paul II Institute has fallen. But has it fallen with honour?

(Roberto de Mattei, Rorate Caeli, 07 august 2019)

In the momentous battle presently going on inside the Church a tower has fallen: The Institute of John Paul II. So as to contextualize the event, the article by George Weigel which carries the title – The Vandals sack Rome again”* is helpful. According to Weigel, after the Second Vatican Council a “War of the Conciliar Succession” opened between “two groups of previously-allied reformist theologians”, identified by two periodicals, Concilium and Communio: the former ultra-progressive, the latter moderate. At stake was the battle “for the control of faculty slots in theology departments around the world”. leggi tutto

Professor Roberto de Mattei explains the crisis in the Church

(Roberto de Mattei, Life Site News, 25 july 2019)

On this edition of the John-Henry Westen show we are pleased to bring you this first in a two-part interview with Professor Roberto de Mattei. Described as the greatest historian on the Catholic Church alive today, Professor de Mattei explains how the crisis in the Church came about and how Pope Francis has contributed to it. “Pope Francis, even more than modern liberal theologians, is a revolutionary because while they theorize he puts into practice the revolution itself.” leggi tutto