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Roberto de Mattei on how to resist Pope Francis’ ‘paradigm shift’

We are here to talk about a subject of enormous importance and I thank the organizers for inviting me to do so. leggi tutto

Crisis in the Church: a Historical Perspective

The following address was delivered by Professor Roberto de Mattei at the Una Voce Canada Annual General Meeting held at Holy Family Parish, Vancouver, British Columbia, on November 10, 2018, and appears here courtesy of Una Voce Canada.

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The “Viganò case and the “impasse” of Pope Francis

An answer has finally arrived. Not the answer – vainly expected – from Pope Francis, but a significant one nevertheless, from a journalist who is part of his close entourage. The author is Andrea Tornielli, the Vatican reporter for La Stampa, in charge of the website Vatican Insider. Along with the journalist Gianni Valente, he just published The Day of Judgment, an extensive paper on the “Viganò case”, with the eloquent subtitle: Conflicts, power struggles, abuses and scandals. What is really happening in the Church (Edizioni Piemme, 255 pp.).

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Monsignor Viganò and The Hour of Judgment

In the climate of silence and downright “omerta” which is reigning in the Church, once more Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò’s voice has resonated.  Replying to Cardinal Marc Ouellet he reiterated that the McCarrick scandal is merely the point of an immense iceberg represented by the dominance of a powerful homosexual lobby inside the Church.

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True and False Saints in the Church

Among the anniversaries of 2018 there is one that has gone unnoticed: the sixty years since the death of Venerable Pius XII, after a 19-year reign, at Castelgandolfo on October 9th 1958. Yet today his memory still lives on, especially, as Cristina Siccardi notes, as an icon of holiness, worthy of the Vicar of Christ, and for the vastness of his Magisterium, in the context of tragic events, like the Second World War, which erupted six months after his election to the Papacy on March 20th 1939. The death of Pius XII closed an era, which today is referred contemptuously as “pre-conciliar” or “Constantinian”.  With the election of John XXIII (October 28th 1958) and the calling of the Second Vatican Council, a new era in the history of the Church opened: that which had its moment of triumph, on October 14th, with the canonization of Paul VI, after that of Pope Roncalli.  

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The Roman Primacy Disfigured by the Successor of Peter

On September 22, The Holy See and the People’s Republic of China, in a joint statement, disclosed they had signed a “provisional” agreement on the procedure for appointing Chinese Catholic bishops. The text however has not been released and the content is unknown. The emeritus Bishop of Hong Kong, Cardinal Joseph Zen, provided Asia News with the following statement: leggi tutto

The Church and the Men of the Church

The courageous denunciation of ecclesiastical scandals made by Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò has generated the consensus of many, but also the displeasure of others, convinced that everything discrediting the representatives of the Church should be covered up by silence. leggi tutto