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Report from Warsaw on the Conference, “The Synodal Eathquake”, featuring Roberto de Mattei

mid_32365-2( The following is a translation of a report on the Conference,”The Synodal Earthquake”, November, 25th at the University of Warsaw. Special guest presenter was the renowned Italian historian, Professor Roberto de Mattei. 

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Interview with Roberto de Mattei

Roberto de MatteiTranslator’s Note: We hope that our readers in Washington and New York will take advantage of hearing Professor de Mattei speak – more details in this previous post. leggi tutto

SYNOD AND TRUTH – or, How a Holy See Journal Created a Historical Deception on Trent to Favor Kasper

SYNOD(by Roberto de Mattei, Il Foglio October 7, 2014)

( The Synod that has just begun will not go down in history for its documents but for the importance that has been attached to the event itself: i.e., a “laceration” in traditional morality, encapsulated with the formula “the primacy of pastoral practice over doctrine”. leggi tutto

“What God hath joined together… and The Cultural Revolution of Cardinal Kasper” Families are under attack and this is what the Cardinal is worried about?

cardinal-walter-kasper“Doctrine does not change, the novelty regards only pastoral praxis.” This is the slogan that has been repeated for a year now. On the one hand it pacifies those conservatives who measure everything in terms of doctrinal statements, and on the other hand it encourages those progressives who attribute little value to doctrine and confide everything in the primacy of praxis. leggi tutto

“Franciscans of the Immaculate: ideas imposed by decree” Yes, even “mercy”, without holiness and justice, becomes injustice

(by Roberto de Mattei Corrispondenza Romana July 30, 2014) A well-informed Vatican journalist, Marco Tosatti, has brought to light a new and astonishing case: [Rorate translation]

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Entrusting 2014 to Mary, the Queen of History

Madonna-di-Fatima_(by Roberto de Mattei) At the break of dawn of January 1, 1914, Europe was immersed in the tranquil opulence of the Belle Époque and still trusted in the brilliant progress of humanity. The Twentieth Century had begun steeped in the naive presumption that original sin was a myth and that the evils and errors which afflict man because of his fallen nature had been eradicated forever. Who could have imagined that the year 1914 would have been the start of an era of death and destruction on a worldwide scale? leggi tutto

2013-2014: Motus in fine velocior

due-papi-2_t-468x247(by Roberto de Mattei) 11 February 2013 is a date which has entered into history. It was on that day that Benedict XVI communicated to an assembly of astonished cardinals his decision to renounce the pontificate. The announcement was received “like lightning in a serene sky,” according to the words addressed to the Pope by the cardinal deacon, Angelo Sodano, and indeed the picture of lightning which, that very day, struck the Basilica of St. Peter, spread around the world. leggi tutto