Monthly Archives: September 2017

The worldwide impact and significance of the Correctio filialis

(Roberto de Mattei, Rorate Caeli, 27 september 2017)

The “filial correction” addressed to Pope Francis by more than 60 priests and scholars of the Church, has had an extraordinary impact all over the world. There was no lack of those who tried to minimize the initiative, declaring the number of signatories “to be limited and marginal”. Yet if the initiative is irrelevant, why have its repercussions been so widespread in all the media outlets of the five continents, including countries like Russia and China? leggi tutto

The Seifert Case: Who is separating themselves from the Church?

(Roberto de Mattei, Rorate Caeli, 06 september 2017)

On August 31st, Monsignor Javier Martínez Fernández, Archbishop of Granada, after having suspended the Austrian philosopher Josef Seifert from teaching, he expelled him from the International Academy of Philosophy of which he is one of the founders, but today comes under the authority of the Archdiocese. leggi tutto