Monthly Archives: October 2020

An appeal to the true elites against mediocrity

(Roberto de Mattei, Rorate Caeli, 28 october 2020)

Is there a correlation between the virus that has been assailing two billion people over the past ten months and the pandemic of errors that have infected the world for many decades?  In both cases we find ourselves faced with pathogenic agents attacking the social organism. In the first case the aggressor is a virus that attacks bodies and which only the microscope can identify; in the second case we have a germ that is infecting and corrupting souls but whose identity was revealed by Heaven in 1917, when Our Lady of Fatima declared that if mankind did not amend its ways, Russia would spread its errors and wars, revolutions and the annihilation of entire nations would have followed. leggi tutto

Speak to us of eternal life: a plea to priests

In a television talk show (Stasera Italia, October 14th 2020), the progressive sociologist Marco Revelli, alarmed, denounced the climate of collective anxiety sweeping across Italy and the West as a result of the macabre dance of the Coronavirus. “Death is circulating the West”, he said, evoking this specter. leggi tutto

Lepanto: October 7th 1571-2020: The Opening of the Jubilee Year

(Roberto de Mattei, Rorate Caeli, 07 october 2020)

Heaven and Earth are not as distant as we might think, since everything that happens on Earth is in the continuous sight of Heaven. In Heaven, which is the place of perfect divine liturgy, some anniversaries are commemorated and among them is the 7th October 1571, a special day, celebrating the victory of the Christian fleet against Islam at Lepanto. leggi tutto