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2013-2014: Motus in fine velocior

(by Roberto de Mattei) 11 February 2013 is a date which has entered into history. It was on that day that Benedict XVI communicated to an assembly of astonished cardinals his decision to renounce the pontificate. The announcement was received “like lightning in a serene sky,” according to the words addressed to the Pope by the cardinal deacon, Angelo Sodano, and indeed the picture of lightning which, that very day, struck the Basilica of St. Peter, spread around the world.



Historian sees merit in Pope Francis for having reopened the debate on Vatican II: in order for it to emerge from the Great Equivocation.


The Removal of a Great Cardinal

(by Roberto de Mattei  Corrispondenza Romana  November 12, 2014) The Pope inasmuch as he is supreme pastor of the universal Church, has full right to remove a bishop or cardinal from his office, even a distinguished one.


Heading Towards the 2015 Synod

(Roberto de Mattei October 22, 2014) «Das Drama geht weiter!» (The show will go on) said Cardinal Reinhard Marx, Archbishop of Munich, Bavaria in an interview to “La Repubblica” of October 20th 2014. The show is the Bishops’ Synod that witnessed an unexpected turn of events take place in the Hall.