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The roman spirit: This is what we need!

(Roberto de Mattei,, 15 april 2021)

The Roman Spirit is something that one breaths in only in Rome.  The “sacred city” par excellence, the center of Christianity, the eternal fatherland of every Catholic, who is able to repeat with Cicero, “civis romanus sum”, claiming a spiritual citizenship that has as its geographical boundaries not that of a city but that of an Empire:  not the Empire of the Caesars, but that of the Church, Catholic, apostolic, and Roman. leggi tutto

Questions and Answers on the Pandemic and the Vaccines

(Roberto de Mattei, Rorate Caeli, 03 march 2021)

Some Questions and Answers on the Pandemic and the Vaccines. We live in a time of confusion, and what is even more dramatic, this confusion prevails even among the most faithful Catholics, who adhere to the Tradition of the Church. leggi tutto

Is the COVID vaccine morally licit for Catholics?

(Roberto de Mattei, Rorate Caeli, 19 march 2021)

[Translator’s note: The following is a translation of a review by Veronica Rasponi that appeared on Corrispondenza Romana of Professor Roberto de Mattei’s just published book (in Italian) called “On the Moral Liceity of the Vaccine”. As many Catholics who know and love the Catholic Tradition and the Traditional Mass know, Professor de Mattei is one of the most important leaders of the Traditional Movement not only in Italy but throughout Europe. His conclusions are very important for those who are weighing a decision whether to receive one of the Covid-19 vaccines. leggi tutto

Joseph de Maistre on the bicentenary of his death (1821-2021)

(Roberto de Mattei, Rorate Caeli, 24 february 2021)

On February 26th two hundred years ago, Count Joseph de Maistre, one of the great masters of 19th century counter-revolutionary thought, (1753-1821) died. leggi tutto

Pope Francis, Biden and “post-institutional” Catholics

(Roberto de Mattei, Rorate Caeli, 11 february 2021)

What will be the effects of Joe Biden’s election on the life of the Church? Biden is the second Catholic President in the history of the United States after John Fitzgerald Kennedy, but as Massimo Faggioli  notes in his recent book Joe Biden e il cattolicesimo negli Stati Uniti (Scholé, Brescia 2021), he finds himself in a reversed situation. leggi tutto

True and False Conspiracies in History. In memory of Father Augustin Barruel (1741-1820)

(Roberto de Mattei, Rorate Caeli, 13 january 2021)

Among the anniversaries forgotten in 2020, was the bicentenary of the death of Father Augustin Barruel, one of the top Counter-Revolutionary writers of the 19th century.
Barruel was born in Villeneuve-de-Berg, France on October 2, 1741 and at the age of sixteen he joined the Society of Jesus, which however, after being banned in France, was suppressed in 1773 by Pope Clement XIV, under pressure from the illuminist sovereigns. leggi tutto

2021 in the light of the Fatima Message and Right Reason

(Roberto de Mattei, Rorate Caeli, 02 january 2021)

The following is the text from a video lecture by Professor De Mattei from the Lepanto Foundation with his best wishes to all Rorate Caeli readers for the coming year 2021, in the Light of Our Lady of Fatima: “Light of Fatima, Light without shadows, Immaculate Light, Light of the Dawn arising: we ask Thee to illuminate our steps in the darkness of the night.” leggi tutto