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What is happening in the Vatican?

What is happening in the Vatican? Catholics all over the world are in consternation and wondering what sense to make of the news that has broken out in the press and that appears to reveal the existence of an ecclesiastical war going on inside the Leonine Walls, the consequences of which are being deliberately exaggerated by the mass media. Nonetheless, even if it is not easy to understand what is happening, we can make an effort to do so.


The era of the “smoke of Satan” – And congratulations to Prof. de Mattei

Congratulations to Prof. Dr. Roberto de Mattei for receiving the 44th Acqui Storia award – the most prestigious award for history books in Italy – for his groundbreaking history of the Second Vatican Council, Il Concilio Vaticano II: una storia mai scritta (The Second Vatican Council – a never before written history). Some victories come with a bonus – in this case, the president of the award jury, Prof. Guido Pescosolido, was so irate that the award was given to de Mattei that he resigned his position in the board.