Roberto de Mattei: The Unspoken history of Vatican II

An interesting video (in English with Polish translation), with serious reflections on the Second Vatican Council by Prof. Roberto de Mattei should be carefully studied by Catholics. Your understanding of the Council will be deeply enriched by this address.
The address was given in Krakow, Poland before the Club “Polonia Christiana“. de Mattei is clear, he is speaking as an historian, not a theologian. The opening address by John XXIII is of critical importance to de Mattei: the relationship between the Church and the modern world. It was to be non-doctrinal, but a new pastoral approach. The Church’s language was changing, because Her judgment on the world was changing. The shift to the papacy of Paul VI was no longer optimism, but a pessimism, founded on Maritainian “integral humanism” (c.f. Paul’s closing address).

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